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Savings & Investments

Comprehensive savings and investment advice enables you to refine your financial aspirations and grow your wealth.

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A rewarding financial journey

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At The Financial Options Group, our advisers help you to gain a complete financial picture and work closely with you to tailor your investment strategy to suit your individual circumstances. You may wish to save for a specific expenditure, build a pot of money for personal use at a later date, or beat inflation for a consistently good standard of living. No matter your objectives, our advisers fully discuss your options and provide clarity around your investments and the tax efficiencies available to you.

As part of our ongoing service we’ll advise you on what steps you should take before you begin investing, examine your savings and investment preferences and explore your attitude to investment risk. We track the progress of your funds step by step, perform regular reviews, and adjust your investments to fit any changes to your situation or risk profile to ensure they consistently align with your dreams for the future.


We never paint our clients with a “one size fits all” brush

We pride ourselves on the outstanding relationships we build with each of our valued clients. We start by getting to know you, the people and possessions most important to you, and the goals you want to achieve. 


We will help you to establish your investment and savings criteria by exploring your financial aims. For example, we’ll work with you to answer questions such as:

What am I investing for – growth, income or both?

What other investment products do I already have?

What means do I have to enable me to invest?

How long am I prepared to invest for?

Do I need access to my money at any time?

What is my tax position, both now and when I want to take the benefits from my investment?

What products can I invest in which will be most tax efficient?

What degree of risk am I prepared to take?


Providing clarity around the potential risk of any investment

We will assess your attitude to risk, utilising effective risk profiling to gain a thorough understanding of your risk tolerance, while providing clarity around the potential risk of any investment and the financial impact this may have on you. You may not be comfortable with taking any risk with your investment, but there may be a need to take some risk to meet your objectives. There may also be ways to manage risk by spreading it across your investments.

One of the most important principles of investing, spreading risk is accomplished not just across investment types (also known as asset classes) but also between different companies. We’ll help you to make informed decisions about which asset classes to invest in to match the return you are looking for in relation to your chosen risk profile. Your financial adviser will discuss each asset type available and explain the implications. We offer advice on the following:



Offshore Funds

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Investment Funds and bonds


Ethical "Green" Funds


Mutual Funds





Peace of mind that your investments and savings are working hard

We keep our finger on the pulse of the global financial marketplace, freeing you from the need to constantly monitor your funds’ performance, and providing peace of mind that your investments and savings are working as hard as possible for the objectives you have set. 


As part of our ongoing service, we will review your savings and investments strategy at regular intervals, ensuring that it consistently meets with your requirements and objectives, and remains suitable in relation to any changes in your circumstances.


The Financial Options Group can help

Our team of qualified advisers can talk you through all the options and give you simple, uncomplicated advice to help you make the right choice for your circumstances.

Tax treatment varies according to individual circumstances and is subject to change.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise, you may get back less than you invested.

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