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The UK’s #1 Financial Adviser… We’ve topped the list for the second year running

Our national financial planning network, Quilter Group, has taken the number one spot again in 2020…

In a year full of ups and downs we couldn’t be more pleased to hear that our national network Quilter Group has claimed the top spot – again – in FTAdviser’s annual Top 100 Financial Advisers rankings.

As a founding member of Quilter’s national network of trusted financial advisers, going back more than 13 years, we are extremely proud of the achievement as Quilter Financial Planning (formerly Intrinsic) retains the #1 ranking across two years amid steep competition from household names and some of the UK’s most renowned financial services providers.

Since an in-person ceremony was not feasible this year, the winning Top 100 firms were revealed via the FTAdviser website in a series of news articles counting them down from 100 to 1. The businesses were ranked according to diverse metrics, including growth rate, AUM and asset retention, and the number of years’ experience each business has managing assets in different economic and interest-rate environments.

In a time when uncertainty is greater than usual, businesses were also ranked on the assurances provided to clients that their adviser will help them through the financial challenges of tomorrow. With that in mind, the judges also ranked each business on the experience and qualifications of its individual advisers, the business’s longevity, and its ability to keep clients in its ranks.

Exclusive products and great value for clients

Over the past two years, Quilter Group has grown remarkably, and the consecutive FTAdviser wins underscore the outstanding service and benefits available to its more than 900,000 customers. The company continues to leverage its standing and scale to provide great value to its clients, driving down the costs of its chosen providers and negotiating exclusive products that cannot be found anywhere else.

Christian J Pepper, Financial Options Group CEO, said: “We are delighted to join Quilter in celebrating this landmark achievement, as for the second year running the personalised financial advice and solutions delivered via this national network and offered to Financial Options Group clients receive the ultimate recognition. Our position in the #1 spot also demonstrates that the expertise of our advisers and the quality of our offering is second to none.

“We understand that this year has brought immense challenges for individuals and businesses, who have seen their carefully laid plans upended. There are more investors and savers seeking a reliable source of trusted advice than ever before, and through our continued membership in the Quilter Financial Planning network, we are in a position to deliver each of them exclusive benefits not found elsewhere. We can also provide the highest standard of personalised service, helping to deliver reassurance and peace of mind even in the most uncertain of times.”

The Financial Options Group is a customer-facing component within the larger Quilter Financial Planning network. Quilter works with us as an investment and wealth management provider – together we create, monitor and manage your investments to meet your long-term financial goals.

This second FTAdviser win stands to further strengthen the national advice network’s positioning as a leader in the sector as well as its ability to secure exclusive products affording excellent value. Throughout the last quarter of this year and into 2021, the advisers of the Financial Options Group will continue to access the resources and opportunities which are made available, passing these on to our valued clients.

In addition to sending our next-generation advisers to attend Quilter’s Financial Advice School, we will continue to work closely with Quilter to build efficiencies into our business, while also improving our technological proposition – a major focus of Quilter Financial Planning in 2021 – allowing us to offer the most up to date platforms and interfaces available in today’s financial advice marketplace.

In summary, while many things have changed since 2019, we are extremely pleased to have discovered that one thing has remained the same – namely, that we are still ranked the #1 financial adviser in the UK. With our dedicated team of advisers and staff, we look forward to utilising this momentum to create further positive outcomes for our clients and for our company in the weeks and months to come.

To discuss your personal financial outlook and objectives with one of our professional advisers, call 0161 764 9944 or email

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