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Supporting Bury Cancer Support Centre this Christmas

Our Charitable Foundation is sponsoring two events at the centre…

We are proud to sponsor two festive events taking place this Christmas at Bury Cancer Support Centre.

The first, a patient and carers Christmas Dinner on the 12th of December, saw a four-course Christmas dinner with all the trimmings cooked and served by the centre’s staff.

The second, the centre’s Christmas party for all patients, carers and supporters takes place today. The event will begin with a mulled wine reception, which will then be followed by a light buffet lunch.

This time of year can be difficult and emotional for individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer, and their carers, family and friends, so we feel it’s important to do all we can to give our support and help to make the season a bit brighter.

Who are Bury Cancer Support Centre?

When it was first established 16 years ago, the centre was located at St James Church Hall, and was only open for one half-day each week. However, once word of the centre spread, it became clear that this was not going to be enough.

Five years ago the centre moved to new premises in Bolton Road where it now offers vital care, support and a friendly face for a chat and a cuppa four days a week.

The Bury Cancer Support Centre offers people affected by cancer access to a range of free and confidential support and advice to meet their needs.

Services offered by the centre include counselling, nutritional advice, financial and debt advice, benefits advice and health and employment support. Through its multi-agency service, people can speak about wide ranging non-clinical issues or concerns with a key worker, who will then signpost the individual to free and professional support from diverse organisations.

A range of emotions are likely to result from a diagnosis of cancer, including those of shock, fear, anger and despair, and the raised stress levels which accompany these emotions undermine the body’s immune system. To help mitigate these stress levels, the centre offers a range of classes and holistic therapies including hypnotherapy, relaxation, gentle yoga, qi gong, mindfulness, reflexology and reiki.

The centre also provides valuable support to carers, since it believes that by offering support to carers this will ultimately benefit the patient.

“We’re supporting the centre’s festive celebrations because we know how important it is to spread cheer at a time of the year that can be very challenging for patients, who may be tired or feeling the side effects of treatment, as well as dedicated carers who need our help and support. The events also help to show appreciation for the hard work done by the centre staff and volunteers all year round, work which elevates the wider community through a message of hope – and not just as Christmas. We hope everyone has a wonderful time at the dinner and party.”

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