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Case studies – Sudden wealth


Real clients.
Real-world wealth 
management solutions.

The following case studies are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute advice.

No two clients are the same. But many share similar financial challenges, opportunities and objectives...

Among those who acquire wealth suddenly, many seek financial advice so that they can ensure that their influx of wealth provides more than just a fleeting spending spree. Laying the foundations for long-term wealth creation and financial stability is commonly a high priority. 


To deliver on every client’s goals and expectations, we use our deep expertise and global financial resources, building a financial plan around their specific criteria. Helping them to dispel doubt and apprehension, we provide them with real strategies designed to optimise their financial prospects throughout their lifetimes.


Read on to discover case studies illustrating how recipients of sudden wealth have worked with us in the past…



Sudden wealth through inheritance 


The circumstances 

Alice* inherited a seven-figure sum of money in her 20s upon the unexpected death of a parent. It was Alice’s first time working directly with a professional financial planner, however because the parent was a client of the Financial Options Group, our team were familiar with the estate. 


Already having property subject to mortgage and a modest amount of savings, Alice worked full-time and paid regularly into her workplace pension. She sought advice because she was keen to develop an effective financial plan and long-term wealth management strategy incorporating both her existing assets and the inheritance left to her. Alice’s priorities included achieving a comfortable standard of living and enjoying financial stability throughout her lifetime. 


The outcome 

Working together with her Financial Options Group adviser, Alice determined both her immediate and big picture objectives. The estate’s executor, solicitors, and Alice’s adviser looked after the probate process and ensured the estate was transferred smoothly. 


To enhance Alice’s financial stability, the amount of money held in her ‘rainy day fund’ was increased to cover her in the event of emergency, and her savings were bolstered. Reducing Alice’s tax liability was a priority, and her adviser worked to ensure that all suitable yearly tax-free allowances were utilised to the full. 


A long-term wealth creation strategy was also originated. Because Alice inherited a private pension, this became central to a five-year plan which positioned Alice’s funds to benefit optimally from active fund management provided by the Financial Options Group. With Alice expressing an interest in future property investment, her adviser assured her that our team could assist her in making tax-efficient and financially sound decisions as a landlord. As a Financial Options Group client, Alice can rely on regular reviews of her financial plan ensuring it consistently aligns with her financial objectives. Alice now feels confident that the estate she received from her loved one will translate into perpetual financial wellbeing, rather than giving her a short-term financial boost.



Sudden wealth through settlement 

The circumstances 

Lisa* sought a financial adviser upon taking control of her finances during her divorce. Her previous experience with professional advice was through her husband, who had handled most of the couple’s financial decisions. 


Not working, and in possession of an existing small ISA and pension, Lisa wanted to achieve a solid understanding of her financial provisions and the opportunities which may be available following the settlement, and to build a long-term relationship with a trusted professional financial adviser. Lisa wanted to ensure her future was planned for effectively and to gain peace of mind that she would be financially stable in the face of any large unforeseen expenditures. 



The outcome 

Through face-to-face meetings, Lisa and her adviser determined her long-term financial objectives and attitude to risk, and assessed her existing provisions. Conducting a full fact-finding process, her adviser quickly ensured that Lisa was apprised of all her savings and investment funds and products, their values, what fees were being paid, and more. To resolve Lisa’s concerns about unforeseen expenditures, her new financial plan specified an increase to her emergency fund, placed in a readily accessible account. Our team then explored whether Lisa could benefit from moving to a provider on our panel, and were indeed able to set her up with a provider with better benefits and lower costs. 


With a new, individually tailored wealth management plan, Lisa now benefits from Discretionary Fund Management (DFM) of her investment portfolio, which comprises a range of asset classes and investment types based on her risk appetite and investment horizon. 


In routine contact with her adviser, Lisa is further kept informed of her portfolio’s performance via quarterly statements. Regular reviews of her financial plan ensure that her arrangements are always in line with her long-term objectives. Lisa has expressed that she is now confident that she understands the full scope of her wealth, and is very satisfied with the planning that has been done for her future by the Financial Options Group.




*Names and identifying details have been redacted.


The case studies shared above are intended to illustrate the financial planning process. They should not be considered a replacement for individual tailored investment advice. The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and investors may not get back any of the amount originally invested. 


The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate trusts and tax planning.


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